"What's the use of a book without pictures or conversations?"said Alice.
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아 그렇군요. ㅎㅎ 그 ..
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쫌...? 많이. 음...? ..
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넵. 자유롭게, 더더욱 ..
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안녕하세요. 반갑습니다..
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요즘 저의 고민을 한방에..
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ㅎㅎ 감----사 합니다...
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바쁘려면 바쁘고 안 바..
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내 블로그를 내가 넘 안 ..
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늘 응원하며 애정으로 ..
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skin by 네메시스
Starred reeveiws for THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY

                            THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY by Richard Jackson


With colors and compositions conceived to celebrate the allure of water, the book jacket and opening scenes immediately recall Lee’s Wave (2008).

Three bored children, stuck inside while it pours, are rendered in pencil, with paper-white skin. When the boy turns on the radio, blue swirls of music animate the space; even the stuffed rabbit’s ears perk up. As dance connects music and water, the children skip out into the puddles. Jackson’s words wisely allow room for Lee’s imagination. He makes no reference to rain; that interpretation of a “beautiful day” is the illustrator’s. The story is propelled by the author’s spirited verses, featuring internal and end-of-line rhymes that scan with only an occasional bump: “This beautiful day… / so great for parading, // for cartwheeling fun / or hiding / and seeking // or gliding / and sliding / in this marigold sun.” Listeners will track the momentum of these kinetic kids as they swing from trees with friends, parachuting back to earth with umbrellas à la Mary Poppins. Digitally manipulated acrylics in summery shades fill the pages as the day brightens, offering another take on the title. Popsicles, paired with an e.e. cummings–esque arrangement of “doodly-doo”s and parenthetical bodily sounds, relax this jazzy, pizzazz-y romp—until the wind whips up.

A delightful depiction of the ability of children to find joy regardless of atmospheric conditions. (Picture book. 3-6)


School Library Journal

*JACKSON, Richard. This Beautiful Day. illus. by Suzy Lee. 40p. S. & S./Atheneum. Aug. 2017. Tr $15.99. ISBN 9781481441391.

PreS-Gr 1–A dark and stormy morning cannot dampen the spirits of three siblings in this ode to summer weather. The day begins with a song, a dance, and a skip as the kids splash through puddles and march through the neighborhood with friends. As the sky clears, the children delight in doing what children do: playing outdoors, expending energy, and reveling in the opportunity to freely enjoy the pleasures of the day. “This beautiful day.../so great for parading,/for cartwheeling fun/or hiding/and seeking/or gliding/and sliding/in this marigold sun.” Jackson’s spare poetic text expresses the many ways that spirited children play, while Lee’s marvelous pencil and acrylic illustrations adroitly create a sense of space, air, energy, and joy as the day progresses from gray to glorious. These children feel real, drawn with loose, sketchy lines that deftly depict movement and exuberance, with expressions to match. Finally, it’s time to sit down on a camp chair with a Popsicle. Who could ask for a more beautiful day? ¬VERDICT An absolutely perfect book for summer read-alouds and interactive sharing.

–Teri ¬Markson, Los Angeles Public Library

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