"What's the use of a book without pictures or conversations?"said Alice.
by 힌토끼
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답이 늦었습니다. 메일 ..
by 힌토끼 at 07/24
그르쟈. ㅎㅎ 보고 싶..
by 힌토끼 at 06/22
조카 생일선물로 사랑해..
by 멍청한 얼음의신 at 04/23
오 이제야 도착했구나. ..
by 힌토끼 at 04/17
아이가 눈썰미가 있네요...
by 힌토끼 at 04/17
자세하게 내용 정리해주..
by 멍청한 얼음의신 at 04/15
by 힌토끼 at 04/09
엉뚱한 지점 ㅎㅎ 기대..
by 힌토끼 at 04/09
잘 읽고 갑니다~ 덕분에..
by 장자의꿈 at 04/06
좋은 이야기~ 덕분에 ..
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skin by 네메시스
SLJ: "Lines" review


By Suzy Lee


School Library Journal

October 1, 2017


“Any lover of picture books will appreciate this graceful wordless gem.”—School Library Journal


An unseen artist sketches a deft ice skater making beautiful lines on the ice. Straight lines, squiggles, and curls, the combinations are endless. Then, suddenly, the ice skater falls, disrupting the fluidity and gracefulness of the story. The artist seems displeased with this development and starts anew on the following page. In this wordless picture book by Lee, readers can tell when the artist is changing the story line by the crinkled sketch paper and erasure mark illustrations. Through drawings alone, the message that everyone falls, but it is important to get back up and try again is delivered flawlessly. Supremely crisp, clean, and appealing, this is the kind of artwork that will entice readers to return to the pages again and again to see what detail they may have missed. The pages of the book are mostly a bright white, touched by the gray lines of the pencil drawings. The tiny splashes of color pop in the wintry hats and coats of the ice skaters as more figures emerge and the scene unfolds. Somehow, even with the cool white pages and cold, wintry landscape, this picture book for all ages will make readers feel warm inside. VERDICT Any lover of picture books will appreciate this graceful wordless gem. A great discussion starter and drawing prompt to see where a single line might lead.

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