"What's the use of a book without pictures or conversations?"said Alice.
by 힌토끼
그림+책을 만드는 힌토끼의 잡다한 이야기
토끼굴 일상사
정답은 없다
작가가 작가에게
산+바다의 책장
나를 만든 책
최근 등록된 덧글
답이 늦었습니다. 메일 ..
by 힌토끼 at 07/24
그르쟈. ㅎㅎ 보고 싶..
by 힌토끼 at 06/22
조카 생일선물로 사랑해..
by 멍청한 얼음의신 at 04/23
오 이제야 도착했구나. ..
by 힌토끼 at 04/17
아이가 눈썰미가 있네요...
by 힌토끼 at 04/17
자세하게 내용 정리해주..
by 멍청한 얼음의신 at 04/15
by 힌토끼 at 04/09
엉뚱한 지점 ㅎㅎ 기대..
by 힌토끼 at 04/09
잘 읽고 갑니다~ 덕분에..
by 장자의꿈 at 04/06
좋은 이야기~ 덕분에 ..
by 수쿠 at 04/05
최근 등록된 트랙백
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skin by 네메시스
Magic, again from Suzy Lee (Amazon reader's review)
Magic, again from Suzy Lee

This book holds a very VERY special place in my heart as I used to be an ice skater, up at 5 am every morning for practice from the age of 5 until 11.

Color, let’s talk about what color Suzy is using in this visually poetic book—pencil gray and red for the majority of the book, then in a departure for her, layers of new color—yellow, brown and green and a splash of blue.

When I skated, my favorite thing was to be the first on the fresh ice. It was still wet from the Zamboni, it hadn’t enough time to dull in the cold, it was shiny and had a smell that in the cold of the arena felt fresh (even if in reality it was chemically). I loved being first because I could paint lines, drawing adventures with my blades, curves, and dots, swaths of stops, and holes from toe picks. Suzy Lee has brought that unbelievable moment for me back in a way it feels like I have never left the ice.

I sit with this book and I am alive in a way I only ever was when I was skating. To say what she has created is Magic, just doesn’t quite cover it. But, it’s all I have. I am not going to tell you the story. I am only going to say that her use of the page, of page turns is something I have never seen any other person do.

I wish I could thank her, personally, for making my world a more magical place.


이런  리뷰들을 보면 떨림이 느껴진다. 작가의 세계와 독자의 세계가 겹쳤을 때, 완벽하게 겹쳤을 때의 그 희열감.
내가 느낀 것을 정확히, 당신도 느꼈다는 동질감, 공유하는 세계.

모든 예술 행위가 의미있는 지점은 이것일거다. 그것을 위해 나도 읽고 또 읽으며, 보고 또 보고, 듣고 또 듣는다.

Thanks, Lauran. I believe we're in the same world.
by 힌토끼 | 2017/12/02 11:27 | letters | 트랙백 | 덧글(0)
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